The Guide to Folding Chairs

If you love spending time outside whether it is at a sporting event, a festival, the beach or just in your own backyard, outdoor folding chairs will make your time much more relaxing and comfortable. These chairs are lightweight and easy to transport and store away. Depending on what you are using your outdoor folding chairs for, you should familiarize yourself with the different styles. Here are some tips to help you find just the right chair to fit your needs.

Outdoor folding chairs with multi-position seating are great for the backyard, your deck, patio or porch. Because they are a little heavier, at approximately twenty pounds, it is good to keep them stationary. This style is very comfortable and will often include an ottoman making them the perfect chair for reading on your deck, lounging by your pool, or bird watching (or napping) in your backyard.

Basic aluminum outdoor folding chairs include an aluminum frame with a textile seat and back. They are usually around twenty-four inches wide by thirty inches long (for a relaxer style) and light enough to toss in your trunk and take to the beach. While many of this style are inexpensive at approximately twenty dollars, you could pay over two-hundred dollars for one. The expensive ones are more stylish and more durable. Always be sure to get one that is rust-proof. These are good for the backyard as well as the beach.

Plastic outdoor folding chairs. The better plastic chairs are made of high quality polypropylene resin. They are nice if you have a pool as many of them are finished with UV inhibitors that will keep the chair from absorbing the sun’s heat. This will enable you to sit back and relax without fear of burning your legs or your back. These chairs are also good to use for weddings and other outdoor events to protect your guest’s from burning themselves on a hot chair. They fold up very easily and can be stacked for storing.

Environmentally friendly outdoor folding chairs are made with poly recycled plastic and are often in the Adirondack style which means they have a straight back, usually with six slats that are crested at the top. These are very comfortable for a front porch or a back deck overlooking the beach or the mountains. They are very weather-resistant and virtually maintenance free.

Chair in a Bag outdoor folding chairs are lightweight and great to take along to sporting events, boat shows, car shows, state fairs and camping. These compact chairs easily fold up and can be slipped inside a nylon bag. The better (and more comfortable) ones are made of polyester quilted fabric for extra padding and support. Even the armrests are quilted and comfortable. The carrying case with many of these has dual shoulder straps making them very easy to transport. They usually have two insulated cup holders and some even come with a magazine holder. Weight capacity is anywhere from two-hundred to eight-hundred pounds. Prices range from around forty dollars to over one-hundred dollars.